Bentworth Middle School

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OCTOBER 25--3-Hour Early Dismissal!

Student Assistance Program


Bentworth Middle School’s SAP team consists of:
  • Mr. Schreiber, Building Principal
  • Mrs. Fredericks, Social Worker
  • Mrs. Bernini, Guidance Counselor
  • Mrs. Henderson, Health & Physical Education Teacher
  • Mr. Shrader, Health & Physical Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Tyburski, 5th Grade Science Teacher
  • Mrs. Toth, 8th Grade Learning Support Teacher

The purpose of our Student Assistance Team is to target students with academic, social, or personal concerns and work together with the student and parents/guardians and community agencies to address these various issues. For more information please visit

  • Academic decline
  • Persistent disciplinary problems
  • Frequent visits to nurse and/or guidance office
  • Decreased attention span, inability to stay awake
  • Observable expressions of anger, tears
  • Observable behavior such as interrupting, giddiness, poor emotional control
  • Observable behaviors such as overheard conversations about alcohol or other drugs, parties where drugs are present, or fears about a fellow student’s use of mood altering substances
  • Observable behaviors such as overheard conversations about feeling very sad or depressed
  • Observing a significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Observable cuts, scars on arms and/or legs
  • Observable frequent trips to the restroom
  • Observing a distinct behavior change or change in friends
  • Observing drug related or morbid language or drawings
  • Observing glassy eyes, red eyes, agitation, frequent cold-like symptoms, rash around the nose/mouth, smells similar to marijuana, alcohol, or solvents
  • Loss of interest in academic and/or extra-curricular activities

If you feel your child is in need of services from our Student Assistance Program please contact Mrs. Bernini at (724)239-4431x2242
I have attached a copy of the necessary permissions for the Student Assistance Program for your convenience